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We are a fully equipped team assembled for the rapid development of quality Magento projects. We started working with Magento 2 since first releases. Many years of experience of our Magento Developers guarantees that your project will be done on time and with high quality.

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About Our Team

The official name of our team is MageDirect. We are Magento Development Company established to provide clients with highly qualified Magento Developers. We provide our unique experience for IT companies and for eCommerce businesses around the world.

MageDirect works with clients to fully understand their needs and offer them customized solutions whether it’s a supplement of your team with a specialized expert for a certain period of time or outsourcing a turn-key project to a team of programmers.

Fully equipped team of Magento Experts

Are you going to search for all specialists for your project or client separately? Or is it better to hire an already cohesive team?
We believe that the second option is much more correct. Especially in the development segment of eCommerce projects. And here there are several benefits of this decision:

  • QA engineers know the business logic of Magento. The project is tested much faster.
  • Project managers know Magento. As a result, the Magento developers work in harmony with the Project Managers.
  • Each member of the team understands the client’s business goals and successfully converts them into software solutions.

We are the team that has made more than one Magento project both on the first version of this platform and on the second one, and we know how to protect you from typical mistakes.

We are Magento 2 Pioneers*We started with Magento 2.0. We know all the subtleties of development, we can answer any of your technical questions and explain how it will be best to implement this or that feature.

Comprehensive ExpertiseWe started working with the first version of Magento, we know the business logic of this platform along and across. Our Magento developers know how to follow the standards of development. As a result, you get a stable web application that will make you earn money, not work at a loss

Full-Stack ServiceWe will provide you with a whole cycle of work. Starting from developing a design for your new store and ending with the promotion of your services on the Internet and SEO optimization.

Personal approachWe treat each client with a personal approach and configure the project development processes for your business. We offer both turn-key project development and assign you developers to scale your team of specialists.

Continuous improvementsContinual improvement of skills is the main guarantee of the success of eCommerce engineers. Our Magento Developers constantly participate in conferences, pass qualification courses, and, of course, many practices in the development of new solutions and extensions for Magento.

Aimed at quality, not quantityIt is essential for our developers to complete the project to the ideal, so we will make every effort to ensure that you or your clients are satisfied with the project and your business brings you more profit.


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