Magento Cases & Examples

With Magento 2, we can implement all the necessary functionality to the client for his eCommerce business.

We help our clients achieve their goals in business, and realize the needed functionality in a short time, keeping high-quality results. On this page, we have collected the website examples of our last works and cases that we performed on Magento 2.

Latest cases

We create unique interfaces on Magento2 platform
making online fashion stores attractive, comfortable and fast

From design to access and control, Edgesmith is where
a new attitude towards bordering perfection begins

Site that is at the top in the digital market area and provides a wide variety of consumer electronics products for thousands of customers.

ntellShop is a custom responsive Magento 2 theme that can fit for any business. If you are looking for a theme, that will improve conversion for your online store, IntellShop will be useful for you

Do you want to have the same Magento 2 Store?

How we can make your eCommerce projects to be successful

Deep dive into your business

An important part of achieving goals is an excellent understanding of the business by our technical team. We do not start work until we investigate the problem in detail. Each member of our team must understand what you want to achieve, for how long and how. In most cases, we can offer a more elegant offer based on our experience and Magento site examples, which will save you money and time.

We put the right goals together

It is significant to correctly determine the goals and understand why to do this or that feature. For example, you want to implement a new B2B portal on Magento for your partners in one month. Together with you, we’ll define the most important functions and do it iteratively on Agile.

We implement the functionality that makes your store better

We are interested in the growth of sales of our clients, that’s why we not only complete the tasks, but also find new ways for our clients to improve their Magento store. We will advise you on the security of your store, SEO optimization, best practices in designing interfaces using Magento website examples, etc.. We will help you to implement a new feature on time, that will positively affect your business processes.

We necessarily achieve our goals on time

It is very important to keep up with the market and overtake it, the speed in achieving results is the key in eCommerce business. The introduction of a new system of customer loyalty, service, delivery, integration into 3rd party systems, etc. – this all needs to be done quickly, in order to attract new customers as quickly as possible and keep existing ones.

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