Upgrade to Magento 2 without problems

Our team will help you easily and painlessly move your store to the second version of Magento. If you are still thinking of switching to Magento 2, we will give you free consultation and determine all of the pros and cons of switching to Magento 2, which will allow you to estimate soberly the benefits of this solution.

We can offer you such services:

Upgrade from Magento 1
to Magento 2

If you have Magento 1, we will make a complete plan for switching to Magento 2.
We will provide you with audit of your current store and help to minimize your expenses. For example:

  • Implement part of the modules instead of the transfer – you can find them ready in the market of Magento 2 extensions
  • Part of the data can be exported to an intermediate format and imported into Magento 2 instead of full data migration.

Our team will do everything possible to ensure that the upgrade process is convenient for you, fast and inexpensive.

Upgrade between Magento 2

Magento 2 is developing dynamically and often new versions are released. We will help you update Magento 2 to the new version.

Moreover, if your previous developers built modules that are not supported by the new version of M2, we will help you solve this problem and fix the flaws.

Migration of extensions to new Magento 2 version

If your favourite modules are left on the Magento 1 and you would like to transfer them to Magento 2, but the third-party vendor of the module has not yet developed a new version of the module – then you can certainly contact us for assistance.

We’ll move the module to Magento 2 and even add new features if you need it.

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