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The theme of the store is the first thing your client sees. There are no doubts that the interface of your store plays an important role for the conversion and for new orders from visitors to your store.

What has the top priority:

  • Page loading speed
  •  User-friendly interface
  •  Attractive modern design
  •  Qualitative graphics
  •  Responsive design

Integration of your custom design with Magento 2

We will turn your design into Magento 2 theme. You can send us the source of your design in the format of already prepared HTML / CSS / Javascript template or simply PSD / Sketch file from your designer.


Our team transfers all your vision into a functional responsive theme that you can use on any version of Magento.

Moreover, we will add customer experience features that help you make the theme more interesting and functional. For example, the following functional makes your theme more user-friendly:

  • Ajax Login and Register
  • Product Quick View
  • Banner Sliders
  • Mega menu

Development of template from scratch

Brief description of the development process:

  •  We develop for you mockups of the main pages
  •  You check it and if you like mockups, we continue working on the remaining pages of the store
  •  After you confirm and approve the design, we begin to design the theme and convert the design in Magento 2 theme
  •  During the development of the theme we show you intermediate results waiting for a feedback from you.
  •  At the end of the work you get quality and responsive theme that you can use with any version of Magento 2. In case of incompatibility of some functionality with the future versions of Magento we are ready to provide you with the support.


If you want to add new features to your existing theme, we are happy to help you. Moreover, we will help you to audit the interface of your store and find the weaknesses of your Magento 2 template.

After that we’ll estimate every improvement in hours, break it into tasks and start developing.

Responsive design

If your current Magento 2 template is not responsive yet or it still contains of some flaws, our team will be able to correct these shortcomings quickly.

Separate mobile theme

Separate theme for mobile devices is a convenient solution if you want to separate your ideas completely from the desktop version of Magento template. This is great idea when you want to:

  • Develop a mobile theme in a separate iteration of your development process
  • You want to create a completely unique theme for mobile devices
  • You want to switch different mobile themes for different tasks.
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