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Our team provides any services for the Magento 2 platform. It includes service starting from migration from any platform to Magento 2 and to the development of unique assemblies on this eCommerce system for different businesses, whether it’s a B2B portal or a site for renting a house or buying tickets.

We have started developing on Magento 1 long time before the Magento 2 version appeared. And the second version of this platform has become a continuation of the best practices of developing online stores for eCommerce.

Our strongest side is that we have already collected a great experience of development on Magento 2 and will provide you with quality solutions for your tasks.

You do not need to overpay for hours because our programmers are able to perform the most difficult tasks for this system. This is much more profitable than hiring an experienced PHP programmer but without the experience of working with Magento. Most likely he will spend a lot of time studying this CMS, which will negatively affect your budget. It will be much more profitable to hire our team which has been working with eCommerce and Magento for more than 5 years. Even leaderships in our team are certified Magento developers.

We serve IT Companies & eCommerce, This means that you can ask us to scale up your companies and completely give all the work to us for outsourcing. We work according to NDA and can be your white-label resources.

Magento 2 Development Services

We have prepared the list of the whole package of services for your business on the Magento 2 platform.

Having in mind an idea to provide our customers with the most innovative technologies unearthed, we develop stores for you or your customers of any complexity. We use official coding standards. Any developer or company will be able to support the project that we will do for you.

We develop any Magento modules of any complexity.
We really like to develop modules! thanks to the new decoupled architecture of Magento 2, the modules are even more convenient to develop than for Magento 1 and they are easier to be “customized”, at the output you will get a quality product that you can re-use for your projects.

The development of the theme is one of the most crucial parts of the project, this is exactly what your customer sees, the pleasant and beautiful theme is the key to your success. We develop quality interfaces that work on any device and attract your website visitors.

Magento 2 Tutorials

We love to teach other people and specialists of your team, we collect materials that will help you to better get outside of Magento 2.

After working with many eCommerce projects, we’ve collected best practices for optimizing and speeding up the performance of Magento platforms. Customers enjoy shopping at a web store that takes a half of a second to load. Let’s squeeze out the most of your eCommerce solution!

Magento 2 Support

Qualitative technical support is an important attribute of business processes, we provide monitoring of your site and quick troubleshooting as well as any improvements/changes that you ask to make we will perform qualitatively and on time.

We will update your system to the current version and help you update the third-party modules or modules of your previous developers that may be incompatible with the new version of the platform.

We will transfer from any system as well as from Magento 1 all your data and software solutions to the new and modern Magento 2 without pain and problems. If it is required, we will write a custom script to import the data, even if you previously used some complicated Java platform.

We will install a store quickly and efficiently, with cloning systems, using the best practices of high-load projects installation. After our installation – you do not need to understand the hosting settings anymore and addle your brains thinking how to set up Varnish or Redis.

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