Improve your SEO ranks and increase sales with faster store!

Every store should work fast! Your user does not have time to wait for the page to load on your site, he needs to see the catalog of goods in your store right now and make a choice. The slightest delay causes discomfort and makes the user go to another site of your competitor.

Moreover, the speed of the site affects SEO, Google ranks sites better and they work faster. What we can recommend is checking your sites with these tools:

If your Magento 2 for some reason works too long, you’ve come to the right place!

For Magento 2 we have prepared a large arsenal of tools to optimize the speed. List of works that we do:

On Server:

  • Dedicated Database Server setup
  • Configuring and Optimizing the Database
  • Magento cache storage and session cache storage relocation
  • Nginx Installation and Configuration
  • Redis Installation and Configuration
  • Varnish Installation and Configuration
  • PHP-FPM, PHP7 tuning
  • .htaccess Optimization
  • APC opcode cache
  • Memcache installation and configuration
  • HTML Minify
  • Gzip compression

In Magento:

  • Merge and cache CSS and JS Configuration
  • The configuration of Magento Flat Catalog, Magento Compiler, Magento Cache setup
  • Image lazy load implementation
  • Image optimization without quality loss
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) setup
  • Magento block cache optimization
  • Defer parsing of javascript
  • Warm-up tool installation

We recommend you to check your site speed using following tools:

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