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If you are going to develop new functionality for your store, you need to develop a Magento 2 Extension. Magento 2 provides the architecture of the modules which is more decoupled and can be easily transferred with dependencies to any other Magento installation.

Any new function is better to be done as a separate module so you can control all functions of your store flexibly and easily, add or remove functions.
Our team has extensive experience in developing of Magento 2 Extensions for very diverse tasks.

We observe the most popular themes of functionality that customers need currently, namely:

  • Customer experience features
  • Integrations with third-party systems
  • Sales automation
  • Sales Motivations
  • Solutions for B2B

What you will receive

First of all, in case of working with us, you get a careful attitude to your business tasks. When developing Magento 2 Extensions from us you receive:

  • Quality and portable code
  • Free manual
  • Module architecture designed qualitatively. You can always continue to develop the module with other developers, without being afraid that they will need a lot of time to deal with legacy code, as it usually happens if the work is done by amateurs.
  • Technical Support. If you need to add a new feature to the module, we will always be happy to help you.
  • Free Consultations from our specialists
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