Magento 2. How to install a Theme

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The beautiful and comfortable theme is an important part of each online store. Once you have chosen yours from plenty of Magento 2 themes, you need to install it. Read this manual from Magento theme development company and you will see – install a theme in Magento 2 is easy! Let’s have a look how we can do this!

Download theme archive

Download chosen theme archive.

Extract the archive to the root directory

Extract this archive to the root directory of your Magento 2 store. On Linux you can use the following command:

Go to the root directory

Go to the root directory and run the following command:

Edit in the Admin Panel

In the admin panel of your store navigate to Content > Configuration and click Edit on Design Configurationgrid.

Select the theme

Select the theme from the drop-down menu and click Save Configuration button.

Clean cache

Clean cache with the command:

If you are interested in install in Magento 2 read more our guides.
That’s all! Enjoy your new store theme:)

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