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Our team provides a wide range of services for the Magento 2 platform. It includes services starting from migration from any platform on Magento 2 to the development of unique assemblies on this eCommerce system for different businesses, whether it’s a B2B portal or a site for renting a house or buying tickets.

We had started developing on Magento 1 long time before the Magento 2 version appeared. Even though the first version has plenty of pitfalls, namely speed, and performance, the second version has overcome these issues. It becomes a continuation of the best practices of developing online stores for eCommerce.

Our strongest side is a great collected experience of development on Magento 2 with the help of which we will provide you with quality solutions. You do not need to overpay for hours, because our programmers are able to perform the most difficult tasks for this system. It is much more profitable than hiring an experienced PHP programmer but without Magento experience. Most likely he will spend a lot of time studying this CMS, which will negatively affect your budget. It will be much more profitable to hire our team which has been working with eCommerce and Magento for more than 5 years. Even leaderships in our team are certified Magento developers.

We serve IT Companies & eCommerce. It means that you can ask us to scale up your companies and completely delegate all work for outsourcing. We work according to NDA and can become your white-label resources. Our professional motto says that we code not for fun, but to develop your business exceeding all your expectations.

We offer full stack services – from developing a Magento store to implementing and ensuring excellent customer support. Also, our core team has experience in SEO, internet marketing, Magento Code Audit and many other services for your business.


We scale teams of our clients successfully all over the world. You can hire either a single programmer or the whole team. Our main expertise is aimed at the development and support of Magento projects. We do our best to let you get best specialists for your and your clients’ projects.

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Dedicated Magento Developers for IT companies & eCommerce

Custom model of hiring

Custom model of hiring

We build a team exactly for your business needs

Providing support staff

Providing support staff

(accountants, HR, office managers, etc)

We contol education of specialist

We control education of specialist

Members of our team improve their skills every
day and certify their knowledge

Fast allocation of professionals

Fast allocation of professionals

We are doing our best
to make our recruitment
process faster

Free recruitment

Free recruitment

A professional selection
process spearheaded by our experienced HR
professionals and recruiters

Custom model of hiring

Taking care of all aspects of your team’s
professional life

Payroll, taxation, insurance, ongoing education

Why us?

Top IT specialists from Ukraine

Top IT specialists from Ukraine

Some facts about Ukraine:

  • A-class Software Engineers
  • Cultural and geographical closeness
  • High quality/price ratio
  • High level of English
  • One of the biggest Magento communities in the world
  • The main development center of Magento is located in the capital of Ukraine
Our thoughtful hiring

Our thoughtful hiring

What makes different  our recruitment process:

  • We cooperate with the network of recruiting specialists in Ukraine and provide both technical experience and fast human recruiting.
  • We are a highly-qualified team and we choose professionals who are dedicated to the same standards as we are.
  • We have an excellent understanding what every Magento developer should know to fit your specific business needs.
Custom work models

Custom work models

Aiming to meet the needs of your business and comply with company processes, we can offer the following custom work models:

  • Taking full control of project development.
  • Developing a custom workflow that implies sharing responsibilities. For example, we can take care of Code Review and QA while you can control project management.
  • Providing fast allocation of human resources while you fully control product development.
Key benefits

Key benefits

We do our best to be a reliable partner for your business. Our main benefits:

  • Fail-safe & transparent work process
  • Cancelling agreement at any time with the 7-days’ notice
  • Professional Project Collaboration in Slack and JIRA
  • Daily reporting via different channels of your choice (email, chat, phone, Skype)
  • Applying effective management processes
  • Possibility to request Magento Certified Developers

How it works

How it works

Experienced Leadership

magento certified developer

IEVGEN GARTMANDirector Of Technology

I like to keep the relationship with clients transparent – we clearly understand what we need to do and the clients understand what they are going to get in the end. That makes my work easy.

magento certified developer

VALENTYN KUBRAKDirector Of Operations

My team is doing all the best to meet high standards at the market of e-commerce solutions and magento services.


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